AI Automation Solutions for Businesses

Automate repetitive tasks, work flows, or customer support with AI chatbots & business insights

Automate Workflows

By connecting 1500+ apps like Slack, Google sheets, ChatGPT, and scheduling the routine

Customer Support Chatbot

Conversational AI powered chatbots for product recommendation that are 24/7 available

Business Dashboard

Get actionable insights from chatbot user messages using GPT 4


Digest Prompt

The AI Automation Agency that integrates AI into businesses and educate people with content.

  • AI Chatbots + Business Insights Dashboard
  • Custom AI Apps, Websites, and Automations
  • AI News and tutorials on YouTube
67 %

Boost in sales is estimated
using AI chatbots

2.5 B+

Hours will be saved by
AI chatbots in 2024

$1.25 B

By 2025, the expected
market for chatbots

what it does

Customer Service By AI Chatbots

Holds conversations like a human using generative AI

  • Trained with business specific knowledge
  • Is available 24/7
  • No limits on holding simultaneous chats

Product recommendation for eCommerce, eLearning, and consumer services

  • Recommends personalised products during chat
  • Can answer product specific questions
  • Can assist in finding the right one with a conversation

The chatbots can collect user information smartly without bugging the user

  • API Friendly customizations
  • Leads can be managed in our business dashboard
  • Or in a repository of your choice

We can deploy the chatbots over your website, WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram, and Messenger

  • Compatible with Shopify APIs for products and orders
  • API friendly customisations
  • Emails and SMS can be triggered as per needs
Chatbot Compatibility

Seamless Integration With Popular Apps

Get 24/7 simultaneous availability over multiple platforms

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Different Use Cases

Choose Your Myra

  • ✅ Provides information using generative AI
  • ✅ Product recommendation from your catalog
  • ✅ Business insights using messages in dashboard
  • 10 Day Installation
  • $600-$2000
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  • ✅ Provides information using generative AI
  • ✅ Sync with calendar for appointments
  • ✅ Sends reminder emails
  • 7 Day Installation
  • $600-$1600
Discuss on Call
  • ✅ Troubleshooting assistance with generative AI
  • ✅ Manages ticketing for IT support
  • ✅ Assists in platform use
  • 7 Day Installation
  • $400-$1600
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How Our Process Works?

  • 1
    Understanding Business Needs
    Diving deep into your business use-cases to uncover unique challenges and opportunities.
  • 2
    Development, Testing, Deployment
    Implementing AI solutions tailored to your needs, rigorously testing them, and deploying with precision.
  • 3
    Maintenance and Business Insights
    Ensuring smooth operations through continuous maintenance and empowering decision-making with insightful business dashboard.

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Our AI Tools

  • Prompt Engineered AI Wrapper Tools
  • AI Image Generator
  • AI Audio Generator
  • AI Chrome Extensions

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Mohit Mrinal is a full-stack web developer and mobile app developer (iOS and Android) with a background in computer science. Along with a Masters from WU Vienna in Digital Economy, having a formal education in bridging the gap between business and IT innovations. Experienced in generative AI tool development and configuring AI automation, I am the founder and CEO of Digest Prompt.

DigestPrompt’s blog section features a wide range of AI-focused articles and guides. We also put AI news articles. These resources are designed to educate readers about the latest trends in AI, practical applications, and how AI can be leveraged in various business contexts. We make complicated AI stuff easy to understand, no matter if you're just starting out or already into tech. Our blogs are your ticket to keeping up with the AI game. If you have any content-related queries or ideas? Shoot an email to Anvi Saini (Content Lead) at email [email protected]

Our toolkit is like a playground for users to try out what AI can do. Having prompt-engineered template tools that save you from instructing the AI every time, to specialized task-oriented AI tools like CV Builder, Cover Letter Builder, SOP Builder, and so on. DigestPrompt offers a comprehensive suite of AI tools designed to simplify various tasks and enhance productivity. These tools are powered by advanced AI models and are accessible through our platform. Whether you're a content creator, developer, job seeker, or traveler, our AI tools cater to a wide range of needs.

And we also offer the DALLE-3-based AI Image Generator tool as well as the AI Text-to-Speech tool. Also, we have a few Chrome extensions that work with AI and the power of GPT-4 Turbo. You get a complete demo video next to each AI tool to see how to use it and what kind of output you can expect out of it.

We are a global team of individuals currently in different countries. Our team members are currently in Vienna, Bulgaria, Delhi, and Hyderabad.