Next Level Client Support With Myra

Install once! Costs < an intern!

Customer Support

Tailored conversational AI chatbots that are 24/7 available. Like ChatGPT representing your company

Complete Customisation

We can connect it to 1500+ apps like Slack, Google Sheets, ChatGPT, Calender, and custom APIs

Business Dashboard

Get actionable insights from chatbot user messages using GPT 4o to grow your business

what it does

Customer Service By AI Chatbots

Holds conversations like a human using generative AI

  • Trained with business specific knowledge
  • Is available 24/7
  • Completely tailored for you
  • Like ChatGPT representing your company

Product recommendation for eCommerce, eLearning, and consumer services

  • Recommends personalised products during chat
  • Can answer product specific questions
  • Can assist in finding the right one with a conversation

The chatbots can collect user information smartly without bugging the user

  • API Friendly customizations
  • Leads can be managed in our business dashboard
  • Or in a repository of your choice

We can deploy the chatbots over your website, WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram, and Messenger

  • Compatible with Shopify APIs for products and orders
  • API friendly customisations
  • Emails and SMS can be triggered as per needs
Chatbot Compatibility

Seamless Integration With Popular Apps

Get 24/7 simultaneous availability over multiple platforms

Any Questions? Contact Developer

How It Works

Your business is our business

We First Identify Your Needs And Finalize The Use Cases
Building, Testing, Deploying, And Continuously Improving
You Get Maintenance & Business Dashboard Access
67 %

Boost in sales is estimated
using AI chatbots

2.5 B+

Hours will be saved by
AI chatbots in 2024

$1.25 B

By 2025, the expected
market for chatbots

Business Dashboard

Chatbot Interaction Insights For You

  • Chat summaries and metrics that shed light on customer behavior, sentiments, and preferences.
  • Get answers from entire chatbot user message data using GPT 4 Turbo.
  • Ask questions like, 'What are the top products users are looking for that we do not have?' and get actionable insights to anticipate cutomer needs.
Different Use Cases

Choose Your Myra

  • ✅ Provides information using generative AI
  • ✅ Product recommendation from your catalog
  • ✅ Business insights using messages in dashboard
  • 10 Day Installation
  • $600-$2000
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  • ✅ Provides information using generative AI
  • ✅ Sync with calendar for appointments
  • ✅ Sends reminder emails
  • 7 Day Installation
  • $600-$1600
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  • ✅ Troubleshooting assistance with generative AI
  • ✅ Manages ticketing for IT support
  • ✅ Assists in platform use
  • 7 Day Installation
  • $400-$1600
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